Many are saying that the U.S. Military is underfunded across the board and that does not exclude our airmen in Cheyenne.  Enlisted airmen clothing allowance will decrease slightly for the new fiscal year, especially when the Air Force issues boots to our men and women in blue.

The total value of female airmen's clothing bag has decreased $77.84 to $1622.44 and the men's clothing bag has decreased $96.60 this year to $1394.32.

Airmen will be given allowance for a pair of green weather combat boots instead of two. The combat boots for men are priced at about $88.96 and 86.67 for women. In previous years, airmen received two pairs of boots.

As of 1 Oct 2014, airmen will still receive an annual clothing replacement allowance for one pair of combat boots in the bag. Airmen also receive annual cash allowances for items that the U.S. Air Force expects to wear out each year.

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