Amy Richards, Townsquare Media[/caption]Short trips are usually a really nice stress reliever and makes for some really good and inexpensive family time. There are cool things to do around Cheyenne that fit the bill.  Today on the Top 5 at 7:45, I'll highlight some ideas that you can consider doing with your family or significant other in and around the capitol city.

  1. Southeast Wyoming Welcome Center - Many visitors who have walked the sites of the welcome center have said, "A must see", "Great introduction to Wyoming", and "Fantastic." I'm sure you'll feel the same as you create your own memories here.
  2. Curt Gowdy State Park - Not only is there lots to see, but it's a very close, 30 mile get-a-way for you and the family. It is truly a gem between Laramie and Cheyenne.
  3. The Wyoming State Museum - How many people have lived in Cheyenne for years, and have never stepped foot into this historic giant? Located in the very heart of Cheyenne, fun and information for the whole family. Bring your camera along and create wonderful memories with the kids as they dress up like the pioneers did in the 1800's. Props included.
  4. The Wyoming State Capitol - History in the making and past historical land marks is what creates the excitement when you visit Wyoming's capitol. You can sit in the balcony this month and watch the Legislators debate and bring about bills to the forefront. A great educational experience for everyone. You might even get to meet the Governor.
  5. Warren Air Force Base - You can visit the 2nd oldest military base in America. Besides our men and women in uniform who serve our country and community well, others have been stationed here as well. Some well known celebrities who graced the real estate are: Sammy Davis Jr, Niel Diamond and Capt. Eddie Rickenbacker, who crashed his plane there and survived!

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