Edmund Burke said, "Those who don't know history, are destined to repeat it." Wyoming is rich in history and we want to look at what events took place on this date in history.

Here are 5 events that took place in different years, but on this day of October 7.

  1. 1949 - Fort Francis E. Warren was renamed Francis E. Warren Air Force Base.
  2. 1857 - Fort Bridger is torched by "Wild Bill" Hickman and Mormon forces during the Mormon War. Also known as the "Utah War" or "Buchanan's Blunder" arose out of the discontinuation of contracts with Bringham Young's postal contract because the President thought that Young wanted to make Deseret, then known Utah, an independent state.
  3. 1885 - People who were arrested for the Rock Springs riots were released today. This was about disputes over whites and Chinese and who had the rites to certain areas of the mines they worked in. Also known as the Chinese Massacre. $150,000 worth of Chinese property was burned and many of them died during this time.
  4. 1935 - A United Airline flight called Trip 4, crashed just outside of the city of Cheyenne, thus killing all 12 people on board.
  5. 1998 - This was the day that Matthew Shepard was found burned, beaten and tied to a wood fence outside of Laramie, Wyoming. He passed away several days later. This became the most infamous killing in Wyoming since the 1970's.

Also, in 1902 a contract for the construction of a bath house was awarded to contractor Jerry Ryan of Thermopolis, Wyoming. The bath house would be built in the Big Horn Hot Springs.

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