It's nice to live in a community that not only has an air force base or other military installation, but one that holds a great history within its post walls.  The military has played a pivotal part of Cheyenne since its beginnings. From Fort D.A. Russell, to Francois E. Warren, to the now F.E. Warren AFB. But who were the men who commanded these posts or who were stationed here?

Here are a look at 5 prominent men who served at the base in Cheyenne. You may have heard of them, or maybe not, but at any rate they were stationed here and made their contributions and helped to make F.E.Warren AFB what it is today.

  • General John J. "Blackjack" Pershing - Married to Helen Francis Warren (daughter of Senator F.E. Warren) spent time here.
  • Major Walter Reed - The physician on whom the hospital is named after
  • General Billy Mitchell - The "Father" of the Air Force
  • General Benjamin O. Davis, Sr - The first black general to don the stars
  • General Mark Clark - A general who commanded in World War II - European theater.

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