Laramie County Sheriff Brian Kozak's posse will soon be hitting the streets.

In a Facebook post on Thursday morning, the Sheriff's Office released a picture of the posse's cars and said members are receiving training and uniforms.

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"One of their jobs will be VIN checks so our deputies can focus on crime fighting," the post reads.

Kozak, who in September announced he was forming a posse and looking for volunteers to help patrol shopping centers during the holiday season as well as help with VIN checks, Project Lifesaver, and search and rescue duties, says the posse was his wife's idea.

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"She likes to shop at the box stores, the shopping mall, and all that and she was hearing complaints from the store managers that they felt like crime was on an increase because of what's going on in Denver ... and else parts of the country," Kozak told NewsNation.

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"We want to make sure in our community that people know they are going to be held accountable," added Kozak.

The Sheriff's Office says it will begin accepting additional posse applicants once "this first group of members can take over management of the program."

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