Oh yes, we are just days away from the big holiday that consists of turkey, green bean salad, cranberry sauce and people! If you're cooking, I think this will help you out.

Here are some tips to help you save time and maybe some money, especially if you are hosting a big crowd for Thanksgiving.

  1. Don't Get Carried Away - When you are hosting a dinner, it's real easy to want to make everything under the sun to feed these people. Come up with a dinner menu and stick with it. Don't let your mind and tummy run, or you will be behind schedule, which can stress you out and make Thanksgiving regretful.
  2. Prepare Ahead of Time - You don't have to wait until Wednesday evening to get started. You can prepare the weekend before and days before Thanksgiving Day. You can freeze and refrigerate beforehand and warm it up on the day of.
  3. Don't Do It All - There is no need to be hesitant in asking people to bring things like ice, drinks or even a desert. These are little things can burn up your time.
  4. Setting Up - If you are single, invite a friend or family member over to help you set the table and assist you in little tasks that will help in a big way. If you're married with children, then your spouse and the kids already should know that they'll be part of the team.
  5. Plan For A Cool Down - You can have your cleaning crew in place after the meal. Also, make sure there is space in your freezer and fridge, so there won't be fighting among the left overs for a place. Have extra, durable take-home plates available, to send food home with the guests. You should have disposable plates on hand for this.

Remember the 5 P's. Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance and will save you time and stress to make this the best Thanksgiving ever!

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