To help cut down on shoplifting and hold shoplifters accountable, the Cheyenne Police Department’s Crime Prevention Team (CPT) conducted several pre-planned shoplifting enforcement operations throughout April.

Public Information Officer Alex Farkas says crime analytics helped officers determine hotspots for shoplifting and select specific retail stores.

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"The operations were successful in arresting 22 suspects for shoplifting-related offenses," Farkas in a news release Wednesday said.

"Five suspects had outstanding warrants and four were cited for possession of methamphetamine and/or fentanyl in addition to the theft charges," she added.

April Shoplifting Arrests:

  • Timothy Dawson, 47, transient -- shoplifting and an outstanding warrant
  • Ashley Bibby, 36, California -- shoplifting and an outstanding warrant
  • Isaac Gonzales, 27, Colorado -- shoplifting
  • Sara Miller, 32, transient -- shoplifting and trespassing
  • Natalie Taylor, 57, transient -- felony possession of methamphetamine and fentanyl

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  • Kimberly Adams, 52, Cheyenne -- misdemeanor possession of fentanyl
  • Billie Oberholtzer, 34, Cheyenne -- shoplifting and trespassing
  • Shana Beck, 42, Cheyenne -- shoplifting
  • Carlos Galindo, 34, Cheyenne -- shoplifting and two outstanding warrants
  • Ryan Mcdonald, 27, Cheyenne -- shoplifting
  • Alissa Garcia, 32, Cheyenne -- shoplifting and trespassing
  • Shamar Grays, 19, transient -- shoplifting and interference
  • Brady Kelly-Coe, 31, Torrington -- felony shoplifting and interference

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  • Cydnie Collier, 24, Burns -- shoplifting and misdemeanor possession of fentanyl
  • Cambria Clough, 24, Gillette -- shoplifting and misdemeanor possession of methamphetamine
  • Jordyn Duran, 30, Cheyenne -- shoplifting and an outstanding warrant
  • Kelsey Rizzo, 32, Cheyenne -- trespassing
  • Deeanndra Martin-Colacino, 23, Cheyenne -- shoplifting
  • Mathew Lovato, 38, transient -- shoplifting and an outstanding warrant
  • Samantha Villa, 42, Cheyenne -- shoplifting
  • Ilona Cariveau, 37, Cheyenne -- shoplifting and trespassing
  • Kelly Maestas, 36, Cheyenne -- shoplifting and trespassing

Farkas says the CPT also made 80 contacts related to suspicious activity in retail stores and issued 36 summonses -- 25 for shoplifting and 11 for trespassing -- throughout April.

"Over the last calendar year, we saw a 17% increase in retail theft," said Chief Mark Francisco.

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"These crimes not only impact our business community and local economy but can put workers and the public at risk," he added. "I want to commend our officers for keeping our city a safe place for businesses and shoppers."

The CPT, which is comprised of patrol officers, a criminal intelligence technician, and a supervisor, was created in 2023 to enhance public safety in the community.

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The team works to identify the underlying causes of crime and collaborates closely with the public to develop solutions.

"The CPT will continue to conduct these operations throughout Cheyenne in the hopes of reducing thefts that are targeting our local businesses," said Farkas.

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