The Cheyenne Police Department says it will be cracking down on those caught loitering at the Jack R. Spiker Parking Facility downtown.

The agency in a Facebook post on Thursday morning said, "Patrol officers will be starting to strictly enforce the Loitering-Prohibited city ordinance by ticketing those that use the parking garage as a place to 'hangout,' conduct 'burn-outs,' or as an 'echo-chamber' for their vehicle's loud aftermarket exhaust systems."

According to the ordinance (9.08.100), a person is guilty of loitering when he or she:

A. Loiters or remains in or about a school not having any reason or relationship involving custody of or responsibility for a pupil or student, or any other specific, legitimate reason for being there, and not having written permission from anyone authorized to grant the same; or

B. Loiters, remains or wanders in or about a building, lot, street, sidewalk, or any other public or private place without apparent reason and under circumstances which justify suspicion that he or she may be engaged in or about to engage in a crime; and

  1. Upon inquiry by a peace officer, refuses to identify himself or herself by name and address; or
  2. After having given his or her name and address by inquiry of a peace officer refuses or fails to give a reasonably credible account of his or her conduct and purpose.

Proactive Measures

Police spokeswoman Alex Farkas says the parking garage is a great place to park while walking around, shopping in the area, or visiting nearby bars and restaurants, but they tend to see property crime issues such as vandalism and vehicle burglary increase when people aren't using it for its intended purpose.

"Proactive measures provide a heightened level of security and peace of mind for those who use it daily," she said.

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