With the first day of school approaching on Tuesday, Aug. 29, Laramie County School District #1 officials are reminding people about the rules governing school buses, crosswalks, and reduced speed zones.

Merle Smith, the District's Transportation Administrator, is reminding motorists about the stop-arm cameras that all school buses in the state are now equipped with that record any violations that happen near the buses.

Smith says over the past two years LCSD#1 bus cameras have recorded hundreds of violations. One very common and very dangerous violation is cars passing buses that have a flashing red light.

Drivers caught passing the flashing red lights face hefty fines and may have to make a mandatory court appearance as opposed to just paying the fine.

Cheyenne Police have traditionally made a special effort at enforcing school zone traffic regulations during the first few days of school and are expected to do so again this year.

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