Until it becomes state law, Cheyenne police say they won't be enforcing the federal Tobacco 21 law which went into effect last month.

The law increased the federal legal minimum age to buy tobacco products from 18 to 21.

"Until it passes the state legislature, stores in Cheyenne can still sell to 18," said Officer David Inman. "Because they're not breaking any state or local laws and we can't enforce federal."

"Technically, if they're selling (to anyone under 21) they're violating federal law," Inman added. "But what's the chances of the FBI or Marshals devoting their time to bust people selling cigarettes to someone under 21?"

Wyoming lawmakers are expected to take up a bill (Senate File 50) that would prohibit the sale of nicotine products to people under 21 when the legislature reconvenes next month.


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