A bill that would remove the city of Cheyenne's jurisdiction over a malt liquor license for Cheyenne Frontier Days passed the Wyoming House on a 34-25 vote.

You can read Senate File 134 here.

The bill still needs to win approval on a concurrence vote in the Senate before being sent to Governor Mark Gordon. The concurrence vote is on whether to approve changes made in the House.  If the bill fails to win a concurrence vote, the two bodes will have to hammer out a version fo the bill that both can agree to.

One House amendment changed the bill from giving the state jurisdiction over all rodeo malt liquor licenses to only those held at facilities seating at least 7,500 people. The bill as originally proposed would have been aimed solely at the CFD license, but questions about the constitutionality of such a bill prompted changes in the way it was written.

The legislation arose out of complaints about the city making approval of the license contingent on Frontier Days shelling out $100,000 to pay for extra police presence at Frontier Park for the event.

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