Pinnacle Bank is bringing another branch to south Cheyenne and right across from Laramie County Community College. The new branch has broken ground as its plans are to open up sometime around mid 2022.

According to The Cheyenne Post, the new branch will be a state of the art property that will include several new features, such as three wide, drive-up teller lanes as well as a drive-up ATM, which will also be deposit-capable.

The branch will also be very accessible for students at Laramie County Community College given its location just across from the school, which also borders College Drive in south Cheyenne.

Regional President Matt Behrends spoke about not only the history of Pinnacle Bank, but also the opportunities the new branch will create for its customers:

Pinnacle Bank has a long history of serving the financial needs of Cheyenne...This new building creates greater opportunities to fulfill our mission of providing the best service and products to our growing customer base and community.


Behrends' words about the history of Pinnacle Bank include its family-owned banking heritage that has been around since their banks first opened their doors in 1938 out in Nebraska. It would only be a matter of time before they made their way a little further west into Wyoming

The current locations for Pinnacle Bank already within the capital city are at the 1501 S. Greeley Hwy branch in south Cheyenne and the branch toward up at 3518 Dell Range Blvd near Dell Range Marketplace. The new south branch has hopes of being up and ready by sometime in the middle of 2022.

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