Some people love to fly and others hate it. However, at times, it can be a necessary evil. There are ways to help you calm yourself when getting ready to take to the skies. Here are 5 ways that might help to alleviate the stress of flying in your life.

  1. Feel More Comfortable - Experts say that Anticipatory Anxiety is the number one issue with flyers. Eliminate stresses prior to flying.
  2. Checking Weather - It's been advised that you do not check the weather more than 2 days out. If you're seeing storms and rain 5 days out, it could cause you some anxiety as to what the weather will be like in the air.
  3. Early Packing - Running around, stressed, and trying to pack the day or night before may cause some bad anxiety and stress. Plan ahead and pack a few days prior to the trip. This allows you to think clearly and go over the items that you were wanting to take with you.
  4. Avoid Caffeine - Try to stay away from coffee and other caffeinated drinks. Throw in some exercise also to help take the stress away.
  5. Dealing With The TSA - Take off jewelry, where shoes that don't have metal in them and take your belt off prior to going through the sensors.

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