There were a lot of things that you and I learned growing up, that our children will not be exposed to. Much has to do with technology, rules and changes in our lifetime.  Today, we'll look at some of those things we did and learned in school, that today's kiddo's are not learning for one reason or another. For some of you, this will be a nice trip down "memory lane."

  1. The Dewey Decimal System - The is really and literally elementary, because this is where we learned about it. This numerical system, used to categorize library books into 10 broad categories since the late 1800's won't be learned by your student. The reason, in part, is because many libraries and schools are moving away from it, especially with the advent of computers and search engines.
  2. Typing Class - Most schools assume that most kids know how to type with their prolific activities on computers and other devices that require typing to communicate. However, this could come back to bite them, especially if they get a job where they need to know typing shortcuts and finger placing.
  3. Cursive - This has been a big debate amongst parents and schools, in some circles. More and more now days, schools are dropping the cursive writing classes, especially with the adoption of Common Core State Standards, by 43 states, which doesn't require the class.
  4. Dodge Ball - This was a game that taught you skill, teamwork and how to get back up when you've been knocked down. However, in this overprotective day and age we live in, physical education curriculum has all but banned the game in schools. Schools believe that Dodge Ball gaming is too injurious and too aggressive for students.
  5. Home Economics - We called it "home ec" and now is known as "family and consumer sciences", was a vital part of our schooling growing up. At least for the girls. But schools, for decades, have been eliminating the class from the curriculum, or reducing the hours that students may take the class. The thinking is that these things should be taught at home. Some may say, "Yeah right!" Now kids are taught how to pick up fast food on their way from the last soccer game and if a button falls of a shirt, use it for a rag and buy a new one.


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