Note: Because of brisk voting in both polls, we kept voting open through Monday August 26.

Online polls on the Townsquare Media of Cheyenne websites last week found sizable majorities opposed to requiring the teaching of LGBTQ history in Wyoming schools and the imposition of tolls on Interstate 80.

On the LGBTQ history poll, 61 percent of respondents voting against requiring the history be taught, while 36 percent said they were in favor. Almost 2,000 people voted in that poll.

Almost 900 people voted in the I-80 toll road poll, with 58 percent of respondents saying they are flatly against the idea, 27 percent said they would be OK with making the section of I-80 in Wyoming a toll road if Wyoming vehicles were exempt, while 6 percent said they favor the idea of making it a toll road because "everybody needs to pay their fair share."

While a proposal to impose tolls is expected to be considered in the 2020 Wyoming Legislature, federal approval would be needed to make that a reality.

It should also be noted that online polls open to everyone are not considered scientific since they are not configured to match the demographics of the overall population.

This week's poll question asks whether cursive writing courses should be mandatory for Wyoming public school students.

You can access that poll here.

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