Recently, radio listeners were asked, based on what they have watched on the Netflix series 'Longmire', what political party President Walt Longmire would belong to.

The reactions were mixed from 'Longmire' fans as to what political party the celebrity would belong to, if he was to run for President, but what was interesting about it was they also gave their reasons why.

Here are some of the observations from our listeners:

  • Democrat - Because he seems to want gun control and doesn't understand that Wyoming residents are not required to have a permit for concealed and open carry. They also said that Walt would be a Democrat because "he has a sense of doing the right thing, not the politically correct smart thing."
  • Independent - Some thought he might run as an Independent, because "he has a soul and integrity."
  • Republican - Because "he wouldn't offer free cell phones", because he doesn't own one to begin with.