I'm not sure, but I think we're heading to a giant boom in TV series and movies based in Wyoming. We obviously have had movies and TV series here before, but I think the mountain life has people more interested in living out their rugged cowboy fantasies even more now. I mean, even Dexter came back to be in the middle of nowhere, remotely in Upstate New York. So, it's seeming more and more that people are wanting to experience a life that isn't so common elsewhere.

I totally get it. Watching the new season of Yellowstone totally has me thinking, "I could work in a bunkhouse" or "why didn't I move out this way after college and just do ranch work". I mean, in my early 20s I probably would have loved it, in my mid 30s now, I much prefer what I do for a living.

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All of that western/rugged lifestyle aside, a TikToker decided to draw the TV series that is set in each state and put it on a map. It's pretty cool to look at, and it looks like the last one the artist went with was in Wyoming. I'm saying that because there was a #50 next to Wyoming. Just doing some simple calculations, here, no reinventing the wheel.

Check it out.





Honestly, I want a poster of that. How cool does that look? The Yellowstone one from Montana is pretty sweet, as well. That's just an awesome silhouette of Longmire. Also, I have no idea what show they put in Colorado. It just kind of looked like Friends.

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