We have been hearing reports of tornadoes during this season. What were the deadliest tornadoes in the history of America? You might be surprised as we explore this one.

  1. Tri-State Tornado - On March 18, 1925, 695 people died when a tornado ripped through the tri-states of Missouri, Illinois and Indiana. It was reported that 2,027 people were injured.
  2. The Great Natchez Tornado - On May 7, 1840, over 317 people lost their lives in Natchez, Mississippi with 109 people injured.
  3. The Saint Louis Tornado - On May 27th, 1896 it was reported that over 255 people lost their lives in this horrible tornado that ripped through St. Louis, Missouri. About 1,000 people were noted as injured.
  4. The Tupelo Tornado - In Tupelo, Mississippi, over 216 people lost their lives on those dreadful days of April 5-6, in the year 1936.
  5. The Gainsville Tornado - Gainesville, Georgia experienced a bad twister on April 15, 1936 with 203 people dead. 1600 people were reported as injured.
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