A free bike share program that was rolled out in Cheyenne last year is gearing up for its second season.

The Cheyenne Downtown Development Authority/Main Street will kick off the 2017 Re-Ride program on April 1.

"It was very well received (last year)," said DDA spokesman Andy Hogan. "The public gave us a lot of really good input and so we're going to kick it off again with the help of Rock on Wheels."

"There will be about 40 bikes this year," Hogan added. "We've got one more rack that will be in the downtown area, it's going to be over at Danielmark's Brewing Company."

Hogan says it will be easier than ever to check out a bike this year.

"You look on your bike and you find your bike number," said Hogan. "Then when you call (Rock on Wheels) they're going to ask you for a credit card, but this is just for collateral."

"You're allowed up to two bikes per credit card," added Hogan. "Then you're allowed to use the bicycle for up to two hours and then you can return it to any Re-Ride bike rack."

Hogan says if it isn't snowing, a free kickoff ride will take place this Saturday.

The ride will start at 4:15 p.m. at the Depot Plaza and make stops at Accomplice Beer Company, Paramount Cafe and Freedom's Edge Brewing Company before ending at Danielmark's Brewing Company.

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