Officials with the Cheyenne Downtown Downtown Development Authority [DDA] are looking into the possibility of bringing a grocery store to the downtown area.

That's according to Desiree Brothe and Sam Weinstein of the DDA. Brothe says the DDA has electronically sent out questionnaires on the topic and as of earlier this week had already received about 500 responses.

Weinstein says the proposal would likely involve some sort of co-op as opposed to a grocery store chain. He and Brothe say a cooperative in Pine Bluffs might be a model for what could be done in Cheyenne, but exactly who would be involved and what form the cooperative might take are questions that still need answers.

Weinstein says such logistical issues as the location and staffing of the store likewise are issues that need to be addressed before the new store could become a reality.

The downtown Cheyenne area has been without a grocery store since a Safeway store on Pioneer closed several years ago.

The DDA has scheduled a public meeting for September 27 at 6 p.m. in the Asher Building to get more input on the potential for a new grocery store downtown.


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