The Cheyenne Downtown Development Authority/Main Street (DDA) is partnering with the Cheyenne Police Department Graffiti Abatement Team and a local business to have all graffiti and tagging in downtown Cheyenne cleaned up by July 1.

According to a release from the DDA, building owners will have two choices for getting rid of downtown graffiti. One is by using the CPD graffiti abatement service, which is free of charge if building owners sign an Abatement Waiver.

The service includes painting over the graffiti with a paint that is as close as possible in color to that of the building. Building owners can supply the paint if they choose to do so.

You can access an online waiver form for the CPD abatement service here.

The second option, for owners who want to have the graffiti power washed off of their building, is to contact Nathan Poirot of Pyro-Hydro Jetting at (307) 514-0072. Building owners can get a discount by mentioning a DDA referral.

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