This wonderful post of what seems to be a very happy bear was taken by and posted by Kyle Warren on the FaceBook page Wyoming Through The Lenz.

"It always amazes me to watch a Grizzly Bear run. First sighting of the year was pretty spectacular. Grand Teton National Park April 2021." Writes Kyle

I'm sure after a long nap this bear woke and thought, wow, my den really STINKS! Seriously it must get bad in there after months of a big furry bear sleeping in it.

Up he gets, maybe a little bit of stretching, a cup of coffee I suppose, and that fresh spring air does its thing. What a great time to go running about in the wild.

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Looks close you'll see a smile on the bear's face. Honestly that looks like a smile to me.

Let's turn to the other side of the camera for a moment. How excited must Kyle Warren have been to have seen this site and been in just the right position to take this picture?

I bet Kyle is even more grateful that the bear did not see him and think "OH NICE! Breakfast."

I'm sure Kyle will be bragging about this photo for some time to come.

Wyoming Through The Lenz is, in my opinion, one of the most interesting pages on FaceBook. Professional and armature photographers from all over the state chronicle the happenings in the state daily. Often, because they have an eye for it, they take photos of what the rest of us miss.

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