The bear was being hunted. He was treed, way up there. If he's going out he might as well let those hunters know what he really thinks of them.

He managed to hit one hunter right in the head with a big turd.


On the last day of bear season. A group of hunters in Maine managed to tree the bear. I'm sure it is okay to say that the experience was scarring the &%$# out of the bear. You would be scared too.

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It's okay if you feel sorry for the bear in this case.. He has no where to go. He's out of options. Well, as long as he's going to cut loose he might as well take aim.

Go on and make your jokes about if a bear &%$#s in the woods. It's appropriate here.

If you do fee sorry for the bear then you will be glad to know that he did hit the hunter square on the head. I just hope in was all warm and gushy.

Here is a picture of the hunter, all grossed out and covered in POOP!


attachment-poop on head

You might also wonder if the hunter was looking up when the turds came down. No, he was not. That would have made this story even more interesting. Sorry, I can't help you there.

Here is the video of the bear unloading on his enemies below. Keep watching and you can see the reaction of the hunters as he is covered in it. He's really grossed out.


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