September 29th - October 5th is FAT BEAR WEEK.

Fat Bear Week actually happens in Alaska. So why aren't we doing it here in Wyoming?

Choose the fattest bear of the year! Some of the largest brown bears on Earth make their home at Brooks River in Katmai National Park, Alaska. Fat Bear Week is an annual tournament celebrating its success in preparation for winter hibernation.

LET'S DO THIS WYOMING! If you do see a FAT Wyoming bear that might make the cut just E-mail a picture to me. and I'll get this contest going. We can compete with Alaska for sure.

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Fat Bear Week is a single-elimination tournament. You can learn about how Alaska does it at this link. From September 29th to October 5th, your vote decides who is the fattest of the fat. For each set of two bears, vote for the bear who you think is the fattest. The bear with the most votes advances. Only one will be crowned champion of Fat Bear Week. Matchups will be open for voting between 12 - 9 p.m. Eastern (9 a.m. - 6 p.m. Pacific). Watch the bears of Brooks River every day on

YEAH I know it's hard to tell which bear is the fattest when we have so many fat tourists. But we do have some chunky furry butt bears out there. Wyoming needs to get in on this. We have enough bears in the state at this point. Heck, Governor Gordon wants to take them off the endangered list.

Mike Fitz via YouTube
Mike Fitz via YouTube

I mean come on, just look at that cute guy above. Don't you just want to go up and hug him? WELL, DON'T. 

No pictures of your fat Uncle Wally. We'll have that contest after Thanksgiving and Christmas are over.

WAIT - on second thought - what if we started FAT TOURIST WEEK here in Wyoming. See now that could be fun. We all see plenty of those.

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