I was on the air Wednesday morning when I began getting notes through the app from several listeners around the state asking, "Why so smoky?" They were asking if there were fires across the state that they had not heard about, maybe one near them.

These listeners are using the "chat" option on the Wake Up Wyoming app. It's free, and it allows them to text me while I am on air.

Parts of Wyoming are really dry this year. We knew this was coming. There is not a single big fire in Wyoming, but a lot of little ones.

Here is a link to an interactive map showing you where the fires are, currently, in Wyoming. I suggest saving that link. You'll probably need it all summer.

There are several small firers, currently, up in the extreme northeastern part of Wyoming. That was to be expected. They have had very little rain.

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Firefighters have been working a small fire west of Gillette. There is another at the bottom of the Bighorn Mountains.

West of Saratoga, and just north of Hayden Colorado, there is a NOTAM (Notice To Airmen) for pilots to stay out of those mountains where aircraft are dropping water.

A listener in Thermopolis asked, "Why so smoky?" I could not find any fires near him. But I did see where there are several fires in the Colorado mountains and that smoke is being pushed north into Wyoming.

The warm weather we are experiencing is the wind pushing up from the desert southwest, bringing warm dry air that, frankly, we just don't need right now.

While these fires are small we all have that burning eye memory of last year's smoke and fires that drove us all inside for a while. Let's hope this summer is not nearly that bad.

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