Something that may have gone overlooked in the hoopla of Cheyenne Frontier Days and the various great foods that it brings us, is the fact that today (July 29th) is National Chicken Wing Day. While you may your own preference of where to spoil yourself with chicken wings, one particular joint that constantly hits up both Laramie and Cheyenne has been crowned with having the best chicken wings in Wyoming.

Earlier this year, the popular food publication 'Eat This, Not That' created a list of the 'Best Chicken Wings in Every State. In Wyoming, both Laramie and Cheyenne were credited since the particular establishment travels to both cities. That would be Double Dub's. Of course, it's also been known as 'Weitzel's Wings aka Double Dub's' as it is labeled on their Facebook page.

Here is what 'Eat This, Not That' had to say about the traveling wing joint that labeled as having the 'Best Chicken Wings in Wyoming':

Slinging wings out of a double-decker bus that mobilizes throughout Wyoming, Double Dub's wings were put on the map when they won a Rookie of the Year award in 2019 from the National Buffalo Wing Festival.

While they've certainly been making the rounds during Cheyenne Frontier Days, 'Weitzel's Wing aka Double Dub's' posted earlier on their Facebook page about where they would be throughout the week. While yes, we only have the weekend left, at least you know where they will be the next few days and what's on their menu below, so you can try the 'Best Chicken Wings in Wyoming', according to 'Eat This, Not That'.

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