A Cheyenne-based meteorologist says recent wet weather should delay the start of Wyoming's summer fire season.

But Don Day says the damp spring weather could create dangerous late-season fire conditions if the weather suddenly turns dry. Day is the founder and owner of Dayweather, Inc.

Day says the overall outlook for summer weather across the state is "pretty average." He adds this summer will probably look a lot like the last two summers in the Cowboy State.

He also says the heavy snow melt, recent rainy weather, and the probability of about average precipitation over the short term will likely push back the likelihood of big fires over the next few weeks.

He says over the last 5-7 years the state and region have started to see major fires in June. Day says it "doesn't look like that will happen this year."

But the same wet weather that has dampened the chance for early summer forest fires could have a catch. Day says if the weather should turn hot and dry over the last part of the summer, the plants that will thrive early on could dry out and create more fuel.

That, combined with the right set of conditions, could cause serious problems over the late-summer period in terms of fire danger.

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