Cheyenne residents, as well as city crews, are busy cleaning up from a record-setting spring snowstorm that hit the area Thursday and Friday.

According to the National Weather Service's Cheyenne office, the city officially received 14.3 inches of snow over the two-day period, with 11 inches being recorded on Thursday.

Another 3.3 inches fell on Friday.

While the snow mostly melted off over the weekend, many residents found they had an assortment of tree branches and even some uprooted trees to deal with. Mayor Marian Orr urged city residents to stay away from city parks over the weekend while crews worked to clean up the damage.

According to the city's Urban Forestry Division, about a dozen large trees (including the tree in the above photo in Holliday Park) were uprooted by the heavy spring snow, and another 36 were damaged to the point where they can;t be saved and will have to be removed.

There was similar damage to many trees on private property across the city, but as of Monday morning, there was no official tally available on that damage.

While more rain showers are forecast for Cheyenne over the next week or so, no more accumulations of snow are expected.

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