CHEYENNE, Wyo. (AP) — The Wyoming governor's race is going negative as one candidate criticizes another for supporting renewable energy and a third for state expenditures.

Attorney Harriet Hageman closed out a Wyoming Public Media debate Thursday by laying into fellow Republicans Sam Galeotos and Mark Gordon.

Hageman criticizes Galeotos for encouraging renewable energy with his business.

Galeotos is executive chairman of Green House Data Corp., which Hageman calls "ideologically obsessed with so-called green energy" and "anti-coal."

Galeotos calls Hageman's remark baffling, saying renewable energy is "part of the modern-day world."

Hageman accuses Gordon of overspending on investment advice during his two terms as state treasurer, a claim Gordon denies.

Three other Republicans — businessman Foster Friess, physician Taylor Haynes and businessman Bill Dahlin — scored lower in a recent poll and debated separately.

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