Wyoming Democratic congressional candidate Greg Hunter of Laramie said Friday that even though he is running as a Democrat, people shouldn't assume that means he would be taking orders from House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi [D-Calif.] if he is elected.

Hunter is challenging Rep. Liz Cheney for Wyoming's lone seat in the U.S. House.

Hunter said he ran for Congress as a Republican in Ohio several years ago and has also registered to vote as an independent in years past. Hunter said he identified with moderate Republicans like former Arizona Senator and presidential candidate John McCain, who stressed fiscal responsibility and a balanced budget more than social issues.

He said more recently he switched to the Democratic Party in part because of distaste for President Donald Trump. But he said Friday that if elected he would attempt to take a common-sense approach to issues rather than a partisan viewpoint dictated by national Democratic party leaders.

On the issue of abortion, Hunter said he thinks if real sex-education was being taught in schools, the need for abortions would decline because unplanned pregnancies would become much rarer. But he says, in the end, the decision on whether to have an abortion should be between "a woman, her doctor and her God."

On the subject of health care, Hunter said people who think the government should get out of health care must also oppose Medicare, Veteran's Affairs healthcare,  and other programs that he says are ''socialized medicine." In any case, Hunter said the clause in the constitution that mentions the ''general welfare" sanctions government action in the healthcare field.

Hunter made the comments during an interview with Glenn Woods on  KGAB radio in Cheyenne. You can watch the entire interview in the video with this article.

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