A spokesman for the Wyoming Secretary of State's Office says Wyoming residents should not worry about the integrity of elections and should be confident that their votes will be counted fairly and accurately.

Will Dinneen  says the following steps have been taken to ensure election integrity:

"-Wyoming voting systems are never connected to the internet and thus cannot be hacked or subject to cyber threats.

-Each election judge is empowered under Wyoming law to challenge any voter who is suspected of misrepresenting themselves at the polls.

-Each polling place reconciles the number of votes cast to guarantee that the number of people who checked into the polling place matches the number of ballots cast.

-Every voting system that is used in an election is tested publicly for 100% ballot tabulation accuracy before being used in any election. Once tested, the ballot counter is immediately locked, sealed, and guarded through Election Day.

-Each ballot can be verified by a paper audit trail that can be used to confirm the accuracy of every single vote. In order to maintain the secrecy of each person’s vote, this audit trail does not associate any ballot with the voter that cast it.

-Wyoming’s 23 County Clerks work with well trained and experienced citizen election judges and poll workers who manage and monitor each polling place to ensure that the voting environment is efficient and free of obstructions and distractions for the voters.

-All voters must attest that they are citizens and eligible to vote. Wyoming’s voter registration system interfaces with data from the Wyoming Departments of Transportation, Health, Corrections, and the Division of Criminal Investigation to prevent voter fraud, such as votes cast by deceased persons. If voter fraud were to ever occur, those individuals would be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law."

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