It was a tad on the warm side, a bit too breezy at times (but Wyomingites are used to that).

Just a few clouds wandering around helped make the sky look pretty nice.

The fishing was good. Food on the grill smelled great. Campers enjoyed the sounds of nature and folks in neighborhoods enjoyed the sounds of lawn mowers.

It was a nice quiet weekend in Wyoming.

Good thing the rest of the nation had forgotten that we are here. Have you looked at the headlines over the past few days? I'm not sure what's gotten into those people out there in the rest of the country, but thank heavens they did not notice that we weren't participating.

Headline news story from Wyoming this weekend: 10 Year Old Boy Catches 41lb Trout, Flaming Gorge.

I mean - I don't know about you but I spend my morning enjoying the cool air and chatting with my neighbor. That afternoon I drove up to Buffalo and had breakfast with another friend at the Busy Bee. After that, I drove up to the little Johnson County Airport and chatted with an employee about some old WWII planes parked there that will soon be restored. Sunday was made of reading and relaxing and chatting with friends.

I did have a chance to talk with one Wyoming police officer. He was the only one on duty in that town. He was not wearing riot gear, but he did seem a bit worn out from giving tourist directions. But he still had a big smile on his face and a good sense of humor.

Tell you what, let's everybody here in Wyoming keep real quiet while the rest of the 'family' goes through -- whatever it is they are going through. Maybe they won't notice us and we can have another great weekend next weekend.

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