Most of us have that one friend we are embarrassed to be around. I mean, the guy is just a stupid DORK. We probably only stay friends with him out of pity.

Some of us have that one family member we wish we could say was adopted. For a few of us, we are embarrassed by our entire family.

Truth be told, a few of you reading this are the ones that the rest of your family and friends are embarrassed about. You just don't know it.

As for Wyoming, most of the time the rest of America giggles and says, 'Wyoming? The place is a myth." For some reason, they are embarrassed to even admit the state is there.

Wyomingites, for the most part, have been fine with that and fine with being left alone. Think what you want, they don't care.

But now, as the world watches the mayhem taking place across this nation, it is Wyoming that is more than just a little embarrassed to be related.

When I say 'mayhem taking place across the nation' you can be sure that I am talking about more than just one thing. Too many to count really.

The news headlines from state to state go beyond anything that anyone can believe is actually happening. It has gone beyond stupid and weird. I mean like "Florida Man DID WHAT?" -kinda weird.

Yet, Wyoming news headlines from within the state are the normal, simple problems, that any small town might experience on any given week. Overall the state is quiet. Nothing really embarrassing is happening for the most part.

So while the nation freaks out and makes its problems worse by the day, the people of Wyoming have been sitting by, quietly, just hoping that the rest of America forgets them. Also hoping that the rest of the world still believes that the state of Wyoming is just a myth.

This is like a zombie movie where someone is in a room surrounded by zombies but the creatures haven't noticed yet. Don't make any noise, Wyoming. Don't make eye contact. Those other crazy states just might notice you.

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