Once again someone added up the numbers, poorly, and came to an improper conclusion. Then the news media shared it without thinking.

The headline of the story is about how we are reaching a point where all human made objects, from buildings to cars and so on, will soon outweigh all living things on Earth.

But as the story is recycled these reporters can't seem to get it straight. We either are about to outweigh all living things or we now do. I keep seeing the headlines written one way or the other.

This headline, written either way, is not true because the authors of the article did not consider ALL living things. I can wipe out their entire study just by pointing out the biomass in the oceans.

But lets let them have their argument for just a moment. Lets say that we actually reached a point where what we have build outweighs all living things.

SO? Not a big deal really.

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Humans build with materials from the Earth. That's right, all that you see that we have constructed is just rearranged Earth.

When we are done with it we either recycle it into another construct or we return it to the Earth.

I once watched an old building being torn down. First workers went in and removed anything that could be used in new buildings, or to repair old buildings. Then the skeleton was taken down into a massive pile of rubble. That rubble was either recycled into new buildings or burred back into the Earth, where it came from.

There was a time when all of humanity left destruction behind whenever we built or produced energy. But now humanity has become far more responsible. America most of all. If you want to see a country that does not care about the environment look at China.

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