A protester? A prankster? Maybe both.

Either way it takes guts to climb up there and spray paint some black on a traffic light to make it look like a pot leaf.

I bet they are having a great laugh and are very proud of themselves.

It's happening in Spokane Washington. He calls himself the "Mad Signtist." Officials are baffled as to how he has been able to do this without getting caught. He must be dressed up as a city worker.

You can image how people in Spokane are reacting on social media.

Apparently, the Mad Signtist is using a cardboard cut out to make the image.That means it only takes him a moment to get the job done.

That also means that it will not take much for the city to correct the problem. Just pull the cardboard away. No harm done.

It also means now, any time an actual city worker is doing real work on a light, they are suspect.

So what next? Is the Mad Signtist done? Was this a one-time joke? Will he be able to keep quiet and never tell anyone that he was the guy or will he not be able to resist the urge to brag? If he brags, even to his closet friends, he is sure to be caught. That is, after all, how police catch most criminals. They can't keep their mouths shut. It will all depend on how smart he is.

Next the city will have to worry about copycats. Lets face it, as soon as one person gets away with it there are always others who want the thrill of giving it a try.

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