Is he just going down the road, or is he going cross country?

Wyoming resident Benjamin Barr posted this photo on Facebook of a rollerblader riding the shoulder of a long lonely Wyoming highway.

At least he picked a cool time of the year. Not a good idea to do this in the summer. Though he does risk running into a stray rain or snowstorm.

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An obvious place to look for someone like this would be YouTube. I did find this one young lady who roller cross the united states around 3 years ago.

I found this gentleman who did it for charity beginning back in 2018. In this video, he talks about crossing through Wyoming. For that portion of the trek, he took I-80 from the west side to Cheyenne. He was smart enough to do this West to East where the wind would be at his back most of the way. From there he dropped down into Colorado and then turned east again so he could stick to the back highways. He started in San Francisco and skated to NYC. That trip was just over 5000 miles.

The young lady in the video below began her journey in Miami. She also crossed through Wyoming. She took a longer route to set the record by skating over 6000 miles. She did not take any money but relied on the help and the kindness of strangers along the way. Her goal was to show how amazing people really are and to try and restore our faith in humanity. She was helped along the way by good people and never ran into any trouble. She also never went a day without food or a place to sleep.

On average these folks make about 700 miles a day. That is a lot more than those who walked across the united states way back when. Uphill must suck.

So who is this guy? I could not find any information on his trip. Here is the uncropped picture of him.

Benjamin Barr 2

I did find this webpage for people who want to rollerblade entire continents, including North and South America, Europe, and Asia.

That looks like a lot of work to me. I'll stick to road-tripping Wyoming's best Ice Cream shops, in a car.

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