Even in a state with a low population like Wyoming, stores are opening to long lines and folks are rushing in to get whatever they can before it runs out.

But with Coronavirus, aren't long lines and crushes of people what we are trying to avoid?

Sunday is my usual shopping day. So I took a moment to think about how to get what I would need, and possibly a little extra. My strategy, as usual, was to think outside the box. I would not do what everyone else was doing.

I did not go to the store as soon as it opened. I arrived later, after the big opening rush had calmed down. That meant parking was easy, the store isles were clear, and there were not any long lines at the registers.

And I was not looking for what everyone else was looking for. There are so many other ways to eat healthy.

I started at a "big box store." They have a section of fresh cut lunch meats. The area was barely touched, so I had no problem stocking up. The bread and condiment section was devastated, but I knew it would be. I don't need to make sandwiches. I would just enjoy the meat.

I love healthy whole grain wheat crackers - and sure enough, that entire section had barely been touched.

Off to fruits and vegetables, where, once again, the sort of fresh fruits and veggies are healthiest and that I enjoy are passed up by most people. Plenty to pick from.

Down another isle and, oh look, no one has touched all of those boxes of healthy granola and trail bars.

Mixed nut isle, barely touched.

Just in case I had missed anything, I stopped by a locally owned grocery store on the way home. It was much like the big box store I was just at, in that the things I usually go for were left untouched.

Down the soup isle I found an entire area of canned soups and stews, untouched.

If you do not think of meals the way you traditionally think of them you will find that there are many healthy choices out there that most people pass by. These items are plentiful and perfect for picking while everyone else is off buying what everyone else always buys.

After this all settles down, think about stocking up a reserve for the next time a situation like this happens. Then you can avoid the mob rush all together.

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