If you were going to recommend one food in particular to someone that's not from Wyoming that is an absolute must-try while they're here, what would it be? This could be asked for every state, but for Wyoming, perhaps you might think it would be something like a cowboy would eat, given the fact that we are the Cowboy State. If that's the case, you're not too far off. Or are you?

If someone asked me this question, and as someone originally from the Midwest, I'd probably instantly reply with 'steak' or certainly some type of beef given the western vibe and reputation that Wyoming is known for. I think most people would answer something similar to that as well.

The popular food publication 'The Daily Meal' recently did some research and made a list of the 'One Food You Need to Try in Every State'. You wouldn't think there would be too much argument for their findings either. It turns out the food you need to try in Wyoming is the Chicken Fried Steak. That seems like a good assessment. Here's what The Daily Meal had to say about their choice for Wyoming:

If you’re looking for a big slab of beef in Wyoming, you won’t have to travel very far. Wyoming is a meat-eater’s state, so you’ll find steak and its countrified cousin, chicken fried steak, at countless restaurants in the state. A lean steak pounded thin, breaded, deep-fried to golden-brown perfection and doused in thick and hearty cream-based country gravy is gut-busting perfection and one of the most iconic foods in America.

In fact, here's a few examples:

I mean, they're not wrong! It seems like it's a good fit for us. But what say you? What do you think, Wyomingites? We have plenty of dishes that we're craving. What is that one food that we need to try every time we come to the Cowboy State?

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