It's getting scary... Now we have robots that can dance better than we can. Actually that's not hard to say because most of us can't dance.

One of the takeaways I get from this amazing video is that robots are getting more nimble. While their moves are still stiff and - robotic - they are able to move around much easer and are a lot more flexible than they were just a couple of years ago.

They still need to be programed for dance routines like this. But I think we can all imagine that it won't be long before they can think up their own moves. When that happens they will dance as badly as the rest of us.

After watching this, let's imagine that the next robots on mars are not little boxes on wheels. They are these guys, walking around. Imagine these robots being used for dangerous work and rescue missions. I can also see them being used for security when we don't want to put a police officers life in danger.

I'm sure the military watched the above video and started dreaming of putting all sorts of weapons on them. I'd just like to remind them that the Terminator movies were not something we are supposed to be shooting for. Those movies were a warning.

It's great to live in a time when we can see technology like this pushed to the limit. At the same time I'm sure we all worry of a Battle Star Galatica scenario and keep our fingers crossed for Commander Data instead.

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