Usually when you see the Earth rotate in a time lapse, it's from the perspective of the Earth sitting still and the stars moving above.

But we know that you actually see that rotation because the Earth is spinning.

So lets change that perspective. 

Here is a time lapse from Aryeh Nirenberg on YouTube. He found a clever way to fix his camera to one star in a way that the Earth is rotating and the stars are sitting still.

While this is a far more accurate perspective of what is happening, we are not used to seeing it this way. I had to watch it several times before it stopped feeling weird to me.

But lets make it seem weirder. Why not.

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The Earth is rotating at roughly 1000 miles per hour. The Earth is orbiting the sun at around 67,000 miles per hour.

But you are used to thinking of our Earth going around and around the sun, not following it. Remember, the sun is also moving around the center of our galaxy at about 514495.347 miles per hour.

So lets blow your mind a little more.

the video below shows the planets moving around the sun in the way you have always been taught. But then it adds that the sun is also moving, and the sun does not move in a straight line through our galaxy.

The video begins with what you have been taught, moves to the perspective of each planet, and progresses to what is actually happening. In the middle of the video you'll be following the Sun as it moves through space with the planets following.

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