A 6-year old Cheyenne boy named Bridger Walker made national news and became an inspiration to millions after he saved his little sister from a dog attach, sacrificing his own well being and safety, while being bitten several times on the face and head.

Rightfully so, Bridger is still receiving accolades for his selflessness. YouTuber, Dude Dad, recently posted a video where he awards the young superhero with a tricked-out, super powered, Power Wheels truck.

Bridger has already received calls and gifts from several super heroes from the Marvel Cinematic Universe (like Captain America, Chris Evans and Iron Man, Robert Downey Jr.) and even received a shout out from DC Comic's heroes (Wonder Woman, played by Gal Gadot).

He definitely deserves all the props and recognition for proving that even during these tough times, good still exists in the world. We salute you, Bridger!

Bridger Mobile - Bridger Walker
Dude Dad Via Facebook
The Bridger Mobile
Dude Dad via Facebook
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