Cheyenne's own hero, Bridger Walker, was appointed 'Honorary Champion' and named 'Bravest Man in the World' by the World Boxing Council in 2020. The high honor by the WBC recognized Bridger's bravery during a dog attack in July 2020 - during which Bridger protected his little sister from the animal. Bridger required 90 stitches and multiple surgeries to repair the damage to his face from the attack.

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In a matter of weeks, young Bridger Walker's story went viral. His bravery reached superheroes around the world. Walker received calls from Captain America (Chris Evans,) Spider-Man (Tom Holland,) and Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) and received a multitude of well-wishes and rewards for his brave actions.

The WBC Recognizes Bridger Walker

In 2020, Bridger was named 'the Bravest Man in the World" and received the prestigious green and gold belt from the World Boxing Council. In honor of his heroic actions, the WBC created a new boxing weight class called "The Bridgerweight" to memorialize his deeds. Bridger has become a familiar face at WBC events, attending the annual convention in 2021, where he crowned the first Bridgerweight Champion - Oscar Rivas.

Bridger received the Teotihuacán Mini belt during the ceremony from Roger Mayweather Jr.

Bridger Walker Passes the Baton to a New 'Hero of Humanity' - Dunia Sibomara

On November 7, the WBC inaugurated its 60th Annual Convention in Acapulco, Mexico. There, Bridger Walker met Dunia Sibomara, a fourteen-year-old boy from the Congo who survived a chimpanzee attack at the age of six. Sibomara underwent several surgeries for his injuries in the United States. In 2022, Sibomara was adopted by Long Beach Middle School wrestling coach Miguel Rodriguez. Three weeks later, he went on to win the 102-pound New York State wrestling title.

In an emotionally charged ceremony, Bridger Walker greeted his fellow 'Hero of Humanity' and honored Dunia with the green and gold WBC belt. British Boxing News reports that the two boys became friends, enjoying a week of swimming, playing around the hotel, and "enjoying every moment" of their stay. According to an interview with WBC, Dunia has been showing Bridger the ropes of wrestling - according to Dunia, Bridger "caught onto it really quick." The two went zip-lining together with Bridger's family - Dunia said that was the best part of his trip. It sounds like the two will be friends for years to come.

Bridger and Dunia shared an interview with the WBC. Dunia called the moment he received the medal and belt "an honor."

You can catch the interview below:

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