Some years ago I saw a funny movie called Sideways which had a plot that took place during a tour of California wine country. I began thinking, there are so many things we can tour. Coffee houses for example. Diners. What about candy shops?

SURE, why not candy shops. Here are 7 of the best candy shops in Wyoming, with all due respect to some great shops not mentioned here.

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1. Yippy IO Candy Co, Jackson, WY
You'll love the barrels full of candy, They love separating everything into categories of candy types.

2. Cowtown Candy, Cody, WY
Their treats are made from organic ingredients. But don't for a moment think that their treats taste less sweet. They are unique and wonderful.

3. Donell’s Chocolates, Casper, WY
The company has been in the family since 1956. That is a lot of experience passed down through the generations and it shows in their home made quality treats.

4. Meeteetse Chocolatier, Meeteetse, WY
Trust them for expertly executed chocolates. This is a very small and cute little town, which is the perfect place for a little locally owned shop like this.

5. The Chocolate Cellar, Laramie, WY
The Cellar has a  bright blue awning overhead. So you can't miss them. They have some of the best house-made chocolates. If there are some things you like a certain way they can craft it for you.

6. Star Valley Chocolates, Afton, WY
Star Valley Chocolates is a humble little shop. But if you know good food you know that some of the best come from the most humble places. They make Swiss chalet-style building, crafts delectable fudge, cakes, cookies and so much more.

7. Nana’s Fantastic Fudge, Casper, WY
I don't like sour candy. But some people do. I LOVE caramel. Do you like truffles? This is the short list of what they make their.

So how about planning a spring road trip where you and your family and friends visit some of Wyoming's best candy shops. Sounds like a sweet vacation idea. (Oh that was bad. Forget I said it).