Despite the recent cancellation of this year's Daddy of 'em All due to the coronavirus, Cheyenne Frontier Days Military Chairman Col. Brian Rico says the Thunderbirds are "still willing" to put on a show.

"They still have it on their calendar for a show here in Cheyenne," said Rico. "What type of show we put on is what remains to be seen."

To facilitate social distancing on F.E. Warren Air Force Base, Rico says leaders are exploring the possibility of a "drive-in" show.

"Depending on how the governor chooses to open the rest of the state will help us dictate what we may do for the air show, but quite honestly ... Col. Bonetti, right now, is really just leaning towards a drive-in movie-type of event with an FM modulator to get the show into people's cars," said Rico.

"We're still looking for the same dates, them arriving that Monday (July 20) and flying that Wednesday (July 22), but again, some of that is to be determined," he added. "We have a little bit more flexibility now that we don't have to orchestrate it around CFD."

Rico says they hope to release more details later this month.


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