As the number of Wyomingites infected with COVID-19 continues to grow, Gov. Mark Gordon says it's "absolutely critical" citizens practice social distancing and stay home if they're sick.

"This isn't going to be over in two weeks," Gordon said during a media briefing Monday afternoon. "This is going to impact life in Wyoming for a long time to come ... but the actions people take now will make a difference."

Twenty-eight cases of COVID-19 have been identified in Wyoming so far, including 10 in Fremont County and seven in Laramie County, but Gordon says the number is not an accurate indicator of the presence of the virus in the state.

"There are likely more people who are positive," he said. "Given that we can't test everyone, the one thing we can do is to limit the spread via social distancing measures. That means staying home whenever possible, working from home if it's feasible and limiting our trips."

At this point, Gordon doesn't believe a shelter-in-place order is necessary, but he says that can only come with citizens stepping up and doing their part.

"I think it's important that our state citizens understand that this is not a situation that will remedy itself quickly," he said. "This crisis is going to require participation from all of us, and a willingness to sacrifice."

"This is a war," he added. "We will be victorious if we work together."


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