Cheyenne police say they are seeing a trend of car break-ins at fitness centers around town.

Officer Kevin Malatesta says thieves are breaking out the windows of vehicles and stealing purses and other high value items that they see within.

"We've been preaching a lot for the Lock It or Lose It campaign to make sure that people lock their doors, but we also want to make sure people are thinking of taking those valuables inside with them or at least putting them in a spot where they can't be seen from the outside," said Malatesta.

"I think a lot of women in particular may feel like they don't want to bring all that stuff inside with them," he added. "But if you're able to secure it, if you're able to get it in a locker, you're better off than leaving it unattended in your car."

Despite the trend, Malatesta says property crime is "definitely going down." He says police investigated eight fewer burglary cases, 18 fewer theft from motor vehicle cases, six fewer stolen vehicle cases and two fewer shoplifting cases in November than they did in October.


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