Cheyenne police are working to educate citizens on the importance of locking their vehicles.

As part of their 'Lock It or Lose It' campaign, officers are walking around looking for vehicles that have been left unlocked.

"When they find one, they're leaving a business card on that vehicle to remind the owner to lock it up," said Officer Kevin Malatesta.​

"Over the last month alone, we had 13 burglaries from unlocked vehicles as well as 17 stolen cars," he added.

Malatesta says the easiest way to avoid being a victim is to lock your doors.

"We keep saying the same thing over and over," said Malatesta.  "People aren't listening and aren't learning."

"(They) have this perception that 'just leave the stuff in the vehicle, leave the doors unlocked, nothing's going to happen' and that's just really not true," he added.  "We need to get out of that mindset."


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