It's the time of year that people of Cheyenne wanting to start planting. They plant everything from shrubs, vegetables, plants and trees. Today at the top 5 at 7:47, I highlight the top 5 trees that you could consider planting in the region. The top 5 at 7:45 airs weekdays on KGAB Mornings with Gary Freeman.

  1. Cottonwood Tree: Not only is the Plains Cottonwood tree the Wyoming state tree, but they are hearty and have life span of about 100 years. They are also a great shade tree. Just don't plant them next to a concrete driveway, sidewalk or home foundation as the roots can cause damage to them.
  2. Linden Tree: These trees are known for their sturdy trunk and broad foliage in the summer time. Another great shade tree.
  3. Crab Apple Tree: These are great trees that you can see blooming flowers in April and May. Not to mention that the soil they do well in is clay and pretty well known on the Front Range.
  4. Fruit Trees: Apples, Plums and Apricot are just a few fruit trees that do quite well around the region and the rewards are delicious.
  5. Cheyenne Lilac Tree: With it's pink buds that bloom into a light blue flower, these trees are a huge hit and one of my very favorites. They are very fragrant and quite a delight in any yard.