Wyoming's rich natural history that you may not have known about unless you were studying fossils and other things from prehistoric times around the cowboy state.

For instance, I had no clue that we have trees that are more than 55 MILLION years old. Obviously, they are petrified from years of erosion and ya know being covered in volcanic ash and such.

The best part is you don't really have to go all that far to check out this awesome piece of history. It's about a 3.5-mile hike up Specimen Ridge and once you get to the top, you can see for yourself that these are no ordinary trees.

Although this entire area is an incredible part of Wyoming there is one tree that has been sectioned off by the parks service and has even been given a name. They call it, "The Petrified Tree" which is a pretty apt name if you're asking me.

So, next time you are up in the petrified forest of Yellowstone Wyoming you'll have to stop and take some photos and really bask in the history of this incredible site.

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