Recently Wake Up Wyoming posted a story about a resident of Worland, Wyoming who says he has video of a UFO over the town. You can view that video here.

I posted a story showing declassified videos from the pentagon of Navy pilots playing tag with aircraft that they could not explain. You can watch those videos here.  

The problem I have with videos like these is that they are always blurry. No one knows what they are looking at. Hence the word unidentified in UFO. Just because we do not know what they are does not mean that they from another planet, or from our future.

But is there life out there? Have we been visited?

We are at a point of great discovery in our knowledge of the universe. But despite all that we have found, we have never found any evidence of life outside of our planet.

Where is everyone?

There are hundreds of  billions of galaxies that we know of. Each galaxy has hundreds of billions of stars. We have found that planets are actually quite common. If even 1% of those planets were conducive to life and if only .01% of those had life then the odds are we are not alone.

But why the great silence? Where are all the space ships?

One possibility is just because things are too spread out.

The other is that the universe was too hot and radioactive to create life for a very long time and it has only just begun happening in the last billion or so years.

If there are more advanced worlds then us, they still have not had a chance to visit because they have not advanced enough to get here, if they even know that we are here.

To date, no one has shown any real evidence that aliens have, or have not, visited us.

So the answer to the question is not, NO, but - I don't know. 

Still - you'll have to do better than stories and blurry photos and videos.


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